Very quick and very basic overview of network security.

Mar 01

Hi guys

That’s what I wrote for one of my school’s assignments on network security. It is a quick, rather incomplete overview of the security threads on the network, so it is suitable for anybody with little or no knowledge at all in this area.

Warning: Not experienced users.
Allergy advice: May contain trace of nuts :D


Open Pentest bookmark collection

Mar 01

There it is guys a nice collection of “hackery”  bookmarks. They are not all inclusive and some sections need to be parsed but they are all good reference materials. I find having this Hackery folder in Firefox an easy way to reference syntax, tricks, methods, and generally facilitate and organize research. Hopefully the initial set will grow and expand.
Opening it up to everyone will facilitate a knowledge transfer.


If you use dropbox, there’s my public link to the latest version.


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