encrypting your traffic using ssh

Apr 22

An interesting approach to secure your connection within an insecure, public network is to encrypt your packages using an ssh tunnel. This is very reliable technique, provided that you’ve go a spare ssh server +  proxy server with real ip address.

The idea is extremely simple! Imagine the following situation: you are running an ssh daemon on your home computer and squid or other proxy server on port 6969 on the same machine. Ssh provides you with a facility to set up a tunnel from your local machine to the remote on, which does the encryption for you!

If you type:

ssh -L 6969:localhost:6969 user@remoteHost

into your console then you will get a tunnel available on port 6969 on the local machine, which connects you to the remote port 6969, where in fact the proxy is listening to.

Using this approach guarantees you with a secure connection within a public wireless network, or prevents your ISP from dropping your packages to torrent sites or other sites which are restricted.

camera problems with skype on linux

Apr 18

A common problem for Linux’s skype is the camera. Often it doesn’t handle the input data from the camera correctly. Usually green lines are being displayed where the proper image should be. This happens to users with 64 bit OS or users with older cameras.

The problem is easily solved if you enter the following code in your shell.

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype &

Basically you load your skype with the 32 bit libraries for video capturing.

This code works absolutely fine for Ubuntu 9.10. I assume that it will work on other Ubuntu versions  as good as it does on my machines. The only problem may be the path. But a quick find will do the job for you.


Apr 13

This is my first blog post, obviously. I decided to post some stories about stuff in here :) I say stuff, because I intend to post all sorts of trash, therefore the blog will be categorized handy, or at least I hope so. I will mostly talk about computer things, trying to create a discussion on a particular topics (e.g. network security). Definitely I will consider other things like:

  • Fitness – really important part of my life;
  • News and things about me,  I want to “make public” and share;
  • School – I mean university
  • All kind of life matters :)

Probably, that is what I want to say… now. There will be more, I promise :)

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