jaChat Project started

May 18

I am glad to announce the start of a new project. It’s working name is jaChat, comes from java & chat.

It is a complete chat system(i.e. server & client). The first version will be really like existing IRC chat systems. But with the tendentious to be more like skype (I exclude the VoIP for now, because it is beyond my capabilities).

As the name suggest base language is Java SE. Honestly there isn’t much point to make it, but it is a good exercise.

One of my intentions is to use it in our school as a message exchanger in labs etc. The other one is to be used a real chat system, because the newest version of skype is full of bugs and my messages cannot reach half of my friends.

The first version or the first draft uses the code name of: appletiser probably all of the releases will use a drink name . Do not ask me why! The technical details of the server are 0.1.alpha.

As the previous sentence suggests the server has a working version, it is fully documented. Documentation can be found here. Please bare in mind that this is really a draft, so documentations probably contains typos, grammar error etc.

Extremely small set of command is implemented at his point :

EHLO nickName  - every connection must start with authentication
USERS - the server returns all of the currently connected users
TALK nickName message - sends the message to nickName
STNCK newNickName - changes the screen name for that user
QUIT - log out
Server command:
DSCN – sent from the server to the client, says “I am disconnection you”
USERS listOfUsers – tells the client all of the users availabe to talk to
MSGF user message – you just received message from user
INCK – invalid nick name

I just started the client, so its progress is about 10%. I have done the main class (sets up connection, starts threads). Progress will be regularly poster here :)

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